A business without a web presence is like a racing pigeon in a straight jacket!

some web geek

Need a website?


initial ideas

Q and A's, inspiration, research, visions, goals, ifs, buts, maybes, timescales, pencil and paper


the nuts and bolts

Bite-sized chunks to get our teeth into; regular chinwags; everything kept nice and simple


fit for the mobile web

Built to satisfy present and future mobile demands; always looking pukka; room to develop

Set that pigeon free!

let's get online!

already online?


the way of things

Smartphones, tablets, shmablets, PC's, TV's, watches or kettles! A website has to look good and perform well on any size screen. If you're on a pc now, drag your browser in and out to see what I'm banging on about. And those fickle search engine gods (Google, Bing etc) love this kind of stuff.

illustration of browser-specific responsive web design

playful illustration of web monster


it's all in hand

And with The Web rapidly becoming this ravenous, mobile-centric monster, a website has to be slicker than a racing snake (in lycra) when delivering its content to hand held devices. Now the gods really, really love this kind of stuff.


taking control

Why not make those regular 'bread and butter' updates and amendments yourself without having to pay some keyboard monkey to do it for you. Although if you prefer, I can of course always be that monkey ††

playful illustration of a mandrill at a keyboard

Stuff done

i.e. examples

This is the kind of thing I build. All sites are coded to be responsive as standard.

A fixed width website on mobile is about as user-friendly as a concrete parachute!

same bloke


'cos of this caper?

image of a tablet displaying a non-responsive website
image of a smartphone displaying a non-responsive website

Current site need some lovin'?


inspect, test, appraise

Kinda like a website MOT (Ministry Of T'internet). Establishing where improvements can be made


revisit, redesign, recode

Tweak what needs tweaking, revamp what needs revamping, replace what needs replacing


fit for the mobile web

See your old website transform. Treat it to a Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah responsive conversion

Get mobile-ready!

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OMG! the 'M' word!

Obviously every project differs in terms of content, size etc, but hopefully my upfront 'ball-park' numbers give you an inkling. 50% deposit as goodwill and commitment...the balance when everyone's smiling!

Web Presence

simple but effective

  • + site hosting for a year
  • + standard domain for a year
  • spacer

get in touch!

from £395

Business Blogger

spreading the word

  • + added blog facility
  • + site hosting for a year
  • + standard domain for a year

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from £495

Self Publisher

more hands-on

  • + integrated editing
  • + added blog facility (optional)
  • + site hosting for a year
  • + standard domain for a year
  • + software tuition ††

get in touch!

from £695


a refreshing change

  • cosmetic tweaks
  • performance improvements
  • accessibility upgrades
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • full responsive conversion

get in touch!

from £95


beyond launch…

Once live the site will require some ongoing TLC to ensure it's performing as we'd planned and that everything is as efficient as possible. I can offer as much or as little support as you need. My rates will always remain reasonable.

illustration of a space rocket